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Pizza Fast Food Cooking games


pizza pizza pizza! Everyone loves pizzaz. If you too then you are on right place. At this pizza game you can cook as many yummy & delicious pizzaz as you want. With this awesome cooking game you will have a cooking fever. Cook pizza eat it or deliver pizza to your family & friend. Pizza delivery to your friends is awesome. By cooking with this pizza maker game you can be a master chef in pizza maker and you can open your own pizza mania. This can done by parents youngsters and little kids as well and be become a pizza maker parents or pizza maker kids.Features of Pizza Cooking game
--> Search Crockery tools and cutlery tools from kitchen cabinets for pizza shop.--> Dough maker: Pizza dough maker with dough ingredients like flour, oil, milk, water, salt, butter, eggs, yeast, olive oil. Mix ingredients in bowl to cook pizza dough.--> Bread maker: Roll the cooked dough to make pizza bread.--> Add tomatoes, cheese shrimp, peppers, olive for making delicious pizza.--> Sauces: tomato ketchup, mayonnaise, cheese, ketchup.--> Meat: Meat pieces of Chicken, Beef and Mutton.--> Vegetables: onion, tomato, salad, herbs, spices, seafood.--> Ad on: Toys, candies bonus with fast food. --> Select different pizza shapes for pizza making. --> Baking: Bake cooked dough in oven for some time to ready hot pizza for eating.--> Eating: Eat yummy pizza by tapping on it and have a cold drink.
So download now pizza fast food cooking games and become pizza maker parents or pizza maker kids.